After School Tutoring

Every parent wants their child to achieve their full academic potential. However, with most children being in a class of between 30-34 children, it is becoming increasingly difficult for teachers to ensure that every child is achieving their optimum potential.

VAKS after school tutoring programmes is designed to eliminate gaps, consolidate learning and introduce new challenges. VAKS offer tailored after school tutoring with an individual learning programme specifically developed to enhance and strengthen academic achievement.

Primary school tutoring is available for children from 4-11 years. VAKS also offer secondary school tutoring for children between the ages of 11-18.

Whether your child is preparing for an 11+ entrance exam (  their SATS ( or their GCSE’S (, VAKS cover all of the English, maths and science National Curriculum and introduce concepts and topics ahead of schools to ensure a child has an understanding before it is brought into the classroom.

Just a few benefits of after school tutoring are:


  • Inspiring interest
  • Going over topics in greater depth
  • Approaching subjects from a different perspective and at a pace suitable to the child
  • Building and nurturing confidence
  • Accelerating learning


If you’re wondering “where can I find after school tutoring near me?” VAKS can be found at various locations across Hertfordshire and North London, which can be found here: