Maths Tutors for 4+, SATs, 11+ & GCSE

From Reception through to GCSE our Maths tutors can equip your child with the confidence and skills to tackle whatever challenges Maths presents. Whether it’s times tables or trigonometry, we infuse our students with the same passion that we hold for the subject.

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How can our Maths Tutors help?

We offer maths programmes for early years and general educational support for Key Stages 1 & 2, right through to Preparation for the following.

Early Years 11+ GCSE’s Exams

Our Maths Tuition

We guide your child through our carefully designed Maths programmes which run parallel with the school National Curriculum.

Our team of inspiring, enthusiastic tutors interact with children throughout the entire learning process. Our focused learning is a powerful effective means of accelerating each student’s development which increases confidence and creates a unique, dynamic learning environment that differs so greatly from that of the school classroom.

Our Maths tutors are enhanced DBS checked and regulated by Ofsted.

Watch the Transformation unfold… ?

We understand your child needs more than just Maths tutoring

  • Real people, real learning – no computers!
  • Highest level of interaction
  • Confidence building
  • Children are always matched according to age and ability
  • We never mix year groups because one size does not fit all!
  • Encouraging friendships & connections with peers
  • Motivating & inspiring hand picked tutors
  • Group dynamic – average size 3-6 with one-to-one for those who need it
  • No old school methods like sitting in rows
  • Eye contact is everything


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Book a FREE Maths Trial Session and Maths Educational Assessment. Our Maths assessment is carefully structured to produce a hugely insightful picture of a child whatever their current ability. We make it simple for parents to understand and our partnership starts the very moment we share this.

This is the perfect opportunity to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses and get prepared for the new academic term.

No other provider will offer assessments and expert knowledge like we do.



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What will my child learn from our Maths Tutors?

By teaching to each student’s needs and making reference to their learning style, we provide the educational support needed to help your child improve in knowledge and in critical and independent thinking. Mathematical learning does not occur in a linear way. It is through sound practice and repetition that knowledge is acquired. Coupled with consistent practice and regular input from their Maths tutor, students can achieve higher grades and greater overall success, whatever their level.

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How it works

  • 1. Free Educational Assessment

    From the outset, our qualified and experienced team will conduct an educational assessment of your child. We assess their personality, their general confidence as a learner and their overall attitude towards school. More info on assessments here
  • 2. Parent Feedback

    Parents are given extensive feedback within 24 hours, along with our proposed plan for each child’s programme for when they join VAKS. Parents always tell us how this is a unique perspective of their child. You wont get this level of service anywhere else.
  • 3. Tailored Tutoring

    Our tutors’ main goals are to improve your child’s confidence and make learning engaging and fun to help all pupils to reach their full potential. Children attend the learning centre on a weekly basis and complete homework relating to lessons taught.
  • 4. Reporting progress

    Each session is recorded and tracked via our parent portal system. Parents can see at a glance termly objectives, what their child has learned on a weekly basis and what areas of homework needs revisiting. It's a partnerships approach

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What's included? EVERYTHING!

  • FREE Homework Club (Before / after every session - More info here)
  • Marking & reviewing homework
  • Marking & reviewing exam papers
  • 247 parent to parent support
  • No fixed contracts
  • Affordable monthly memberships
  • No computers
  • No dull worksheets
  • Direct access to our expert professional knowledge
  • Expert School advice - 20 years worth of experience

Boosting confidence ?

We offer the highest level of connection with our students. No computers, No dull worksheets.

Children are placed at the centre of their learning and are continuously praised and motivated through our interactive teaching methods, which are engaging, enjoyable and fun. Read the benefits of group learning here.

Real people, real teaching, real learning

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Our Maths tuition programmes encourage pupils to:

  • Develop a sound core knowledge and understanding of mathematical facts appropriate to their level
  • Provide opportunities to rationalise and reason
  • Think independently, critically and analytically
  • Discuss their findings
  • Recall related facts
  • Apply mathematical techniques in problem solving
  • Don’t compare to other tutoring companies, their success speaks for themselves. My granddaughter loves attending the tutoring sessions. She even will get up early on a Saturday with anticipation. Brilliant!

    Elke – Vaks Grandparent

  • Thank you so much to the tutors and staff at Vaks in Ware who tutored my son. We are so pleased that my son passed his exams. It's all thanks to the tutors and the team at Vaks and my son.

    Jo – Vaks parent

  • Thank you so much for your help getting Harry the grade he needed....over the moon! Couldn't have done it without your help and support.

    Kate – Vaks parent

What our kids say about Vaks

Here’s what some of our students have to say about attending Vaks

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You can find VAKs Tuition Centres in:

Ware, Broxbourne, Hoddesdon, St Albans, Stevenage, Luton, Bishop’s Stortford, Finchley.

For more information or to book a free education assessment contact us here.

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Free Assessments

By completing our assessment, your child can inform our Maths Tutors to focus on your child’s Maths learning targets to ensure that we provide whatever educational support they may need. By concentrating on individual students’ needs and different learning styles we help him/her to improve in knowledge and in critical and independent thinking, and so achieve higher grades and greater overall success.

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