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We supply tutors for English, Maths and Science from 6-18-years.

It is now possible to have access to the very best tutors wherever you and your family are in the world. Online Tuition has become a go to service more than ever before.

Families living across the world are keen to have access to British education system even if they do not live in the United Kingdom. 

We look at the time zone and are hopefully able to arrange a time for your child to access one of our elite tutors. 

English as a Foreign Language EFL tutor

Unlike many of our competitors in this demanding growing sector, we do not charge extortionate hourly rates.  Our tutors work for VAKs, we are not the “middle man” who merely perform a search and selection for clients.  Our tutors have many years’ experience, tutoring, mentoring and building confidence in children. 

We provide tutors for a range of educational circumstances: full-time homeschooling, children needing extra support, families relocating abroad.

Primary tutors

Whether you’re looking to reinforce foundations, encourage a love of reading or keep them challenged, our expert tutors are on hand to ignite your child’s imagination.

  • Phonics tuition
  • Reading fluency
  • Spelling
  • Writing skills
  • Vocabulary, Punctuation & Grammar
  • Comprehension
  • Confidence and character building
  • Role model tutors
  • Dyslexia and associated reading difficulties

Secondary tutors

We support your child with every step they take towards their goals in Secondary school. Building a bank of techniques, your child will develop a range of elite skills needed to prepare them for their GCSE English destination.

  • Motivation
  • Role model tutors
  • Research and essay skills
  • Language and linguistics
  • Comprehension analysis
  • Writing skills and creative workshops​
  • GCSE English and Maths or Science Combined
The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

UK Online Tutoring
for UAE pupils

Our Online Tutors are qualified teachers that have gained their qualifications working in the UK Education System including UK Schools. this ensures that all tutors have significant experience teaching the UK National Curriculum. we have significant experience working with pupils in Dubai and Abu Dhabi based International British Schools.

Our weekly interactive small group sessions encourage peer to peer participation, collaboration and develop friendships. our tutors aim to raise pupils’ self esteem, give praise and encourage thoughts and questions through positive interaction within small groups.

We're Real people, Real teaching, Real learning

Getting started with VAKS

We guide your child through our carefully designed English programmes which run parallel with the school National Curriculum which means our tutoring accelerates topics before their teacher even introduces them.

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Joining our Online Tuition

Our Online English Tuition Consists of a 1 hour sessions which run weekly.

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