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From the outset, our qualified and experienced team will discuss your requirements. Here is where we get a clear understanding of your goals.

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Small Group Tuition at VAKS Tuition

After our initial chat we then book you in for a free trial session for you to meet your tutor. This is a perfect opportunity to identify your child’s strengths and weaknesses. 

Unlike other tuition providers we don’t offer a tutor matching service. We understand scrolling through hundreds of english tutors can be overwhelming and leave you feeling even more confused!

We have a small team of inspiring hand-picked tutors so quality is guaranteed.

Parent feedback

VAKS Parent feedback

Parents are provided with extensive feedback within 24 hours after the assessment, along with a personalised education plan for each child. Our approach is unique and provides parents with a comprehensive understanding of their child’s strengths and needs. This level of service is unparalleled, and our parents consistently tell us how valuable this information is in helping their child succeed. You won’t find this level of personalised attention and support anywhere else.

Tailored tutoring

VAKS Tailored tutoring

Our primary focus is to improve your child’s confidence and make learning an engaging and enjoyable experience. To achieve this, children attend our online learning on a weekly basis and are given homework assignments that are related to the lessons taught. This approach ensures that children are able to apply what they have learned and make steady progress in their studies. 

Our programmes are aligned to the national curriculum and one step ahead of Schools, so we work on things before Schools introduce them.  

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Our tuition

English Tutoring for 7+, 11+ SATs & GCSE. Reaching across the board from spelling and grammar to essay structure and creative writing

Online Maths Tutoring to develop concrete knowledge of Maths, 7+, 11+, SATS & GCSE support.

Primary and Secondary Science as well as GCSE Tuition in Physics, Chemistry and Biology

Online interactive weekly 11 Plus Tuition sessions covering Verbal & Non Verbal Reasoning

GCSE Tutoring

We support GCSE and Pre-GCSE students from year 8 through to year 11

Online Tutoring

Online tutoring programmes covering English, Maths & Science. 7+, 11+, SATS & GCSE support.