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Our Hertford tuition centre is based in Presdales school, close to the A10 and the A414 and within easy reach of Ware and Broxbourne. You can park for free, or you can reach us on public transport with a bus stop just 4 minutes away from the tuition centre.

At our Hertford tuition centre we provide specialist tuition for children aged between 4 and 18 years old. Our tailored educational programmes cover maths, English and science. We provide a two term  transformational tuition programme expertly designed to accelerate your child’s learning at any stage.

Through KS1, KS2, KS3 and GCSE we offer a programme to suit every ability. 4 Plus, 7 Plus  11 Plus and 13 Plus are areas of huge success for Vaks students. We also offer bespoke programmes to prepare your child for their SATs or common entrance tests.

Hertford Tuition Centre

You’ll find our Hertford tuition centre at Presdale School in Ware, Hertfordshire.

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Centre Information

Presdales School
Hoe Lane
SG12 9NX

team@vaks.co.uk 0800 404 8172

Why choose Vaks?

Every child is an individual with their own unique way of learning. At Vaks, we will help your child find their preferred learning style using our proven tutoring techniques which accelerate their confidence and academic growth.

Our educational programmes are designed to meet the individual needs of your child, whatever their learning stage or style. Everything we teach at Vaks is aligned to the national curriculum and our tutoring success rates speak for themselves – our GCSE level students will on average have increased their predicted grade by at least one level from the time they enter a Vaks programme to the time they sit their examinations.

At 4 Plus, 7 Plus, 11 Plus and 13 Plus level, 100% of our students have achieved a place at one or more schools of their choice. This is an incredible achievement for Vaks pupils given the ever increasing competitive nature of school entry requirements. Our success is due to our partnership approach with parents, the dedication of our team and the hard work of our pupils who enjoy the journey of our transformational teaching and learning techniques.


The Vaks tutoring method

Whatever learning stage your child is at and however they prefer to learn, Vaks can provide expert tuition that will make a difference. Our tailored approach means we can support children of all abilities. We always begin with an educational assessment, which is free of charge and designed to identify your child’s strengths, weakness and learning style.

Our unique tutoring method incorporates all three key learning styles:


learning through seeing


learning through listening


learning through moving, doing and touching

At Vaks we only tutor in very small groups. Each group of students is peer matched according to their learning style and ability – a powerful, effective means of accelerating each student’s development which increases confidence and creates a unique, dynamic learning environment that differs so greatly from that of the school classroom.

Children are placed at the centre of their learning and are continuously praised and motivated through our interactive teaching methods.

Vaks is described by parents and children as a ‘learning club’, where children are individually enriched and challenged.

Our Hertford tutors

At our Hertford tuition centre, our team of inspiring, enthusiastic tutors interact with children throughout the entire learning process. We do not believe in placing your child in front of a computer, instead preferring a personalised, interactive and traditional teaching approach.

Every tutor at Vaks Hertford is enhanced DBS checked. Real teaching and real learning, offering tutoring that makes a difference, designed to unlock your child’s potential.

If you’re not local to Hertford, you can find Vaks Tuition Centres in North Finchley, Bishops Stortford, Broxbourne, Beaconsfield, Hoddesdon, St Albans, Stevenage and Ware.

Contact us to find out how we can help your child achieve their learning potential.