11 Plus Intensive Summer Course

We are experts with 18 years of experience in preparing children for Grammar and Independent School selection in North London, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Essex.


VAKS 11 Plus Intensive Summer Course

To give your child the best chance of success in their 11+ entrance exams, it is essential that you ensure their continued development over the summer holidays. This is the aim of the VAKS Intensive 11+ Summer Course. Year on year, we have achieved outstanding results.

We focus on filling gaps in learning, consolidating on core topics and thoroughly teaching exam technique in order to prepare children as fully as possible for their upcoming exams. We also teach mindfulness skills to help children to cope with any stress they may be feeling, and we organise mock exams to ensure that children become familiar and comfortable with exam conditions. Another essential component of our course is interview preparation, which teaches children how to present themselves on the day of the exam.

Summer learning loss

Research shows that over the long summer holiday, children actually shift back in their academic ability and lose skills and knowledge. Studies have found that children achieve higher marks in tests before the summer holiday than when they return to school.

You’re in excellent hands ?

An overview of what we teach – specific to GL, CEM and Independent School specification:

Verbal skills

  • Comprehension
  • Verbal reasoning (vocabulary and word associations)
  • Spelling, punctuation and grammar (SPaG)
  • Creative writing
  • Non-Verbal skills

  • Mathematical concepts
  • Pattern recognition and logical reasoning
  • Exam technique

    • Exam strategies
    • Time management
    • Understanding different types of questions
    • School specification

    Mathematical skills

    • Mental maths and computational skills
    • Algebra
    • Ratio
    • Graphs and tables
    • Shapes
    • Speed
    • Statistics and probability
    • Problem solving

    Watch the Transformation unfold… ?

    At the VAKS Intensive 11+ Summer Course, children are taught in small groups to ensure that they receive the attention and support they need to refine, consolidate and accelerate their skills.

    • Real people, NO COMPUTERS!
    • Highest level of interaction
    • Confidence building
    • Encouraging friendships & connections with peers
    • Small group learning

    • We accept Childcare & Tax-Free Childcare payments

    2020 Summer Intensive Course Dates

    Our Intensive 11+ Summer Courses run from 27th July to 28th August 2020

    Weekend availability will follow.

    We also offer weekly tuition in our centres – more information here.

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