Tax Free Childcare & Universal Credit at VAKS

It is now easier than ever to pay for your VAKS tutoring sessions.

VAKS are now accepting Tax Free Childcare & Universal Credit!

As we are now Ofsted registered it is now easier than ever to pay for your VAKS tutoring sessions.

You can now pay with any existing Childcare Voucher Scheme you are enrolled in with your Employer, or the new government Tax-Free Childcare Scheme if you are not in receipt of any benefits such as Universal Credit or Tax Credits.

You can also pay with Tax Credits, or the newly rolled out Universal Credit.

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To check your eligibility for the below schemes, click here!

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Childcare Voucher Scheme:

This scheme is closed to new applicants, however if you are already enrolled in a scheme with your employer and they are willing to continue the arrangement you can still claim your vouchers for a Childcare Provider, including your tuition at VAKS.

Eligibility for Tax Free Childcare Scheme: (Replacing Childcare Voucher Scheme)

  • Available for parents/guardians with children aged under 11 years.
  • Parent/guardians must each be earning a minimum of £125 per week and earning must not exceed £100,000 per year per parent.
  • Cannot be claimed in conjunction with any other voucher scheme or benefits. (Universal Credit or Tax Credits).

For every £8 you put into your account, the Government will match it with £2, up to £2000 per year or £4000 if your child is registered disabled. This means you can add up to £500 into your account every 3 months. Reconfirmation is needed every 3 months in order for you to continue on the scheme.

For more information and to check if you meet the requirements click here!

Tax Credits & Universal credit:

Universal Credit:

This is paid direct to the parents/guardians, as long as you (or your partner if you have one) are working or are due to start work. You can claim up to 85% towards the cost of their childcare bill including our tuition sessions, as long as the child remains in education until they are 18. The maximum amount you can claim back each month is £646 for one child or £1108 for two or more children.

For more information on this and to check if you are eligible to claim Universal Credit click here.

Tax Credits:

Tax Credits are now closed to new applicants however, if you are already receiving them you are still able to use them to cover the cost of up to 70% of your childcare bill. Tax Credits are paid directly to the parents/guardians who then pay the Childcare provider as agreed.

To check your eligibility and for more information on Tax Credits and whether they could help you, click here.

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